Back-To-School Prayers for Teens

back to school prayers

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My kids are heading back to school tomorrow after what seems to have been a quick summer. I can’t believe I’ll have two in high school this year–a freshman and a junior!

When the school year starts, I always want to make sure I pray for them in specific ways. Usually I think about the unique opportunities and challenges that may present themselves over the course of the year. Then I try to focus on just a few key areas for which to pray during the year.

This year since they are both going to be in high school, I know they will face similar challenges and opportunities. However, since my son is older, he has some needs that will require different prayers than those for my daughter who is just starting high school.

Overall, though, I will pray for the same general areas. I will keep these prayers in my prayer notebook so I can see them every day and remember to pray these specific prayers.

(Don’t have a prayer notebook? Click here to see how you can get free printables to create your own!)

If you’ve got teens, I hope you will find these ideas useful as you pray over them this school year.


Father, please give my teens wisdom in all situations. Whether it is in their relationships, school work, extracurricular activities, or their spiritual lives, I pray that they will be wise in all decisions they need to make.


Lord Jesus, I ask that my teens will be known for their kindness. Help them to be genuine and be willing to go the extra mile for those with whom they come in contact. Let kindness be their first response.


Father, I praise you for this stage of life my teens are in. High School is a great training ground where they can learn many life-skills and lessons. I pray you will give them the discipline they need to spend their time wisely. Help them to develop the discipline to choose to take care of their responsibilities and school work before doing anything else.

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