How to Set Up and Use a Prayer Notebook

How to Set Up and Use a Prayer Notebook

Earlier this month I was proud to launch my new subscriber freebie…prayer notebook printables.

After the initial launch I realized that it would probably be helpful and maybe interesting for you see how I set up and use my own prayer notebook.

I will walk you through the set up here in this post, however I also created a video (see below) where you can see the prayer notebook in action.

So, let’s take a look at my notebook.

Prayer Notebook

I chose the Better Binder from Staples to hold my printables. I love this binder because it’s sturdy, holds a lot, and lays flat. It is perfect for writing on the prayer notebook pages.

I bought the Avery Style Edge Insertable Plastic Dividers to separate days. I had intended to buy dividers with pockets, but I guess I did not notice these did not have pockets when I got them. I’ve had trouble with the tabs coming apart, so I may just go ahead and buy new ones with pockets.

Here is how I set up my notebook:

I slid the cover sheet in the front cover of the binder.

Next, I set up my tabs. There are 8 tabs so I have one labeled Daily and the rest are each labeled with a day of the week.

Blank Prayer Notebook Page

Behind the daily tab I used the sheets that just had a blank at the top and labeled one each for my husband, son, and daughter. I also made one for me.

Wednesday Prayer Notebook Page

The tabs with the days of the week each get their own respectively labeled sheets.

Once I got my notebook set up, I decided what would go on each of the notebook sheets.

Daily-The sheets I mentioned above have prayer needs for each of my immediate family members as well as myself.
Monday-My children’s school
Tuesday-Church and Sunday school
Wednesday-Church pastors and leaders
Thursday-World events
Friday-Government leaders
Saturday-Extended family
Sunday-Missionaries (I actually pray for missionaries on their birthdays every day, but I choose to pray for missionaries I know personally or have studied about on this day.)

Recording the requests is simple. There are four columns on each sheet. The first column is where you write the date of the prayer request. In the next column, write the actual request. The third column is the date of the answer you receive from God. And, the fourth column is the place to record how the prayer was answered.

Remember–God always answers our prayers. It may not be in the way we want Him to. And it may not come in the time frame of our own choosing. But, He will answer. It is good to record all answers whether they are yes, no, or wait.

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For a more detailed look at my prayer notebook, watch my latest video.

How do you keep track of your prayers?

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