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Do you want to live out your faith with clarity, courage, and consistency? 

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Hi there, I’m Jennifer!

My goal is for you to learn how to live out your faith with clarity, courage, and consistency so you can bring honor and glory to God.

While I have certainly not reached perfection, I have developed a deep desire to deepen my relationship with Jesus. Because of my relationship with Jesus, I want to live out my faith as best as I can. I’m excited to share how I’ve learned to study the Bible, so I know how to live out my faith in a way that honors God. You can find out more about me and what we do at Jennifer Booth Ministries here.

Our Values:

Faith, Clarity, Appreciation, Generosity, Community

Our Mission:

We exist to empower Christian women to live out their faith with clarity, courage, and consistency. We support women to walk in confidence, according to who God says they are, as they use their gifts to honor Him in their everyday lives. We provide coaching and teaching through our community, mentorship, courses, and other resources such as our podcast and Scripture Writing Plans.

Are you ready to live out your faith?

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