Turning Grumbling Into Gratitude

Turning Grumbling Into Gratitude

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Tomorrow we will join our family around the table to celebrate all the wonderful things God as done for us. It’s always a great day to give thanks.

Why do we leave our thankful thoughts to just one day out of the year? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could cultivate a spirit of thanksgiving all year round?

Well, the reality is life is hard. We get so caught up in the routine tasks of the day that we forget to give thanks to God for everything. In fact, we tend to grumble about things instead of being grateful.

I don’t know about you. Maybe you don’t struggle with this but I sure do. So, I’ve come up with grateful responses when I’m tempted to grumble.

When I…

have to wake up early, I thank God for giving me another day to live.

fold a mountain of laundry, I thank God for providing us clothes to wear.

get distracted by the noise level in my house, I thank God for giving me a family so I wouldn’t be lonely.

clean the house week after week because it always gets dirty, I thank God for graciously giving my family a safe and warm house.

dread going to the grocery store, I thank God for providing my husband with a steady job that provides the money for us to buy food.

have to take time out of my schedule to put gas in my car, I thank God for a reliable vehicle to drive to be able to do the tasks God has given me.

I saw this photo on Facebook this week and thought it was appropriate for this post. I hope you find some things to be grateful about not only on Thanksgiving but all year round.


What are some ways you turn grumbling into gratitude?

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