The Story of Jesus-December Scripture Writing Plan

FREE Scripture Writing Plan-Join The Planning Woman in December in writing out scriptures that tell the story of Jesus.

December is truly one of my most favorite times of the year. I love all the decorations, colder weather, get-togethers with friends and family, and giving gifts.

I also love reflecting not only on the story of Jesus’ birth but also the whole story of His life.

This month’s Scripture Writing Plan leads us through verses that begin with the prophecies of Jesus’ birth and take us on a journey to His death, burial, resurrection, and eventual return.

I hope you will enjoy taking this journey through the life of Jesus. I pray it will add deeper meaning to the Christmas season for you.

Visit the Scripture Writing Plan page to download the current month’s plan. You will also have the opportunity to access the Scripture Writing Plan Archives to download plans with other topics.


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  1. The ladies at Buried Treasures Home are required to do Scripture Writing as part of their individual morning quiet times. Until I found you, I was making copies of other plans. One month as I was reading the Mission Mosaic Magazine, I went to your website after reading an article you’d written. I was thrilled to discover your scripture writing plans. I love that you are a Southern Baptist in addition to being a Jesus follower. Last year, I started a WMU circle at Buried Treasures Home and it’s a pleasure to open the ladies hearts and minds to the world through the missionary stories and our occasional mission projects. Please take a look at the ministry http://www.buriedtreasureshome.com and my blog at https://itsallaboutther.blog/

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