Rest in God’s Grace-June Scripture Writing Plan

FREE Scripture Writing Plan-Join me in June in writing out verses about resting in God's grace.

Life’s hectic pace often leaves me wondering if I’m doing enough. Or if I’m good enough. Or if I can get it “all” done. Whatever “all” means.

I’m so thankful that when I find myself struggling with these questions, God is always there to give me a measure of His grace. He reminds me of the fact that in His eyes, I am enough. His grace covers all of my inadequacies and shortcomings.

I thought some of you may be struggling with these same questions. So this month, we are going to focus on Resting in God’s Grace for the Scripture Writing Plan. I pray these verses will encourage you to put your faith in God and trust Him for the grace you need to make it through life.

Visit the Scripture Writing Plan page to download the current month’s plan. You will also have the opportunity to access the Scripture Writing Plan Archives to download plans with other topics.


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    1. Terri,
      I’m so thankful you are enjoying this month’s plan. It excites me to hear that God’s Word is one of your first thoughts of the day.

      Thanks for sharing with me!

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