Pursuing a God-Sized Dream

Pursuing a God-Sized Dream 1Let me ask you a question. If you could do anything you wanted to do, what would it be? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of writing a novel. Or possibly you’ve dreamed of becoming a missionary. Some of you may have even dreamed of being financially secure so you could stay at home full time with your kids.

I’ve had a lot of dreams over the years. However, I have also been able to do some things I never dreamed would be possible. I mean, how crazy is it that I can “talk” with you over this thing called the Internet? Who knows what is going to be possible in the coming years?

One God-sized dream I’ve had for several years was to complete a half marathon. Not just any half marathon. The Disney Princess Half Marathon! Because I did not think it would be wise to have that half marathon as my first, I signed up for the Soaring Wings Half Marathon in a nearby town.

After weeks of preparation and more than a few moments of panic, I set out on the morning of October 25, 2014 to complete my first half marathon. Was it pretty? NO! Was it easy? NO! Was it fun? YES!

Pursuing a God-Sized Dream 2

There is no way I could have completed 13.1 miles on my own. Through a lot of prayer and encouragement along the way, I accomplished my goal. As a former couch potato, I knew I could complete the half marathon only with God’s help. It was totally a God thing that I could even finish the race standing up.

So now I’m training for my second half marathon in February, which is the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Barring injury or sickness, I believe that I will fulfill this God-sized dream.

How about you? Have you ever given thought to pursuing your dreams? I mean really making plans to make your dreams happen?

A few months ago, I was challenged to think about my own dreams. I’m currently living out my dream to be a writer, but I have felt that my current blog focus was not where I needed to be. You may have noticed that I have not posted in several months. I assure you I had not planned to stop posting. However, God got my attention and began to redirect my path.

My husband and I went on a short trip together at the beginning of October. I had plans to have blog posts ready to go for the time I would be gone. But as usual, the week leading up to our trip was hectic with lots of unexpected things popping up. I did not have time to follow through with my plans.

On the plane home, I began to try to focus my thoughts on the blog and what I needed to write for the week. As I began that thought process, I realized I was not passionate enough about writing about organization and time management. I actually thought, “What if I just walked away from it all and never blogged again?”

I have to admit, a big part of me screamed, “YES! Walk away and free up your time.” But there was another part of me that said, “No. Give it another shot. You know you love writing. This time write what you are passionate about.”

So, I began thinking and praying, asking God to show me what I should do. He reminded me of my love of writing, especially devotions and spiritual lifestyle articles. When I do write for payment, these are usually the topics I write about.

I have hesitated going this route because I’m always afraid I’m going to misinterpret God’s Word and lead others astray. Also, there are so many women out there trying to do the same thing. Most of these women are true and genuine, but others have seemed to make their ministry into an industry, and I never want to go that way.

After a few weeks of praying and seeking God’s will, I decided to move forward with changing my blog focus to one with a more spiritual emphasis. So here it is! Jennifer Booth: Pursuing Peace. Not Perfection.

As a recovering perfectionist, the idea of pursing peace hits home with me in a big way. So, I thought I’d continue that theme but provide more posts that have a spiritual emphasis. You will still see all of my old posts, and I will write on occasion about organizing, time management, and other topics you’ve seen on this blog before.

One big thing I’m excited about is a new subscriber freebie I’m working on. When you subscribe to my new blog in the coming months, you will receive a downloadable copy of my first ever e-book that is a collection of devotions on pursuing peace. Don’t worry if you’re already a subscriber. You will have a chance to get a copy of the e-book, too. This e-book is still in progress, so I’ll let you know when you will have the opportunity to download it.

So, here we are. A new blog. A new year. Endless possibilities.

Let me encourage you to consider those dreams you have. Are they God-sized? Do they seem too impossible to pursue?

Spend some time with God in prayer and Bible study and ask Him to lead you to the dream He has for you.

I can’t wait to see what God is going to do this year!

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  1. I LOVE your blog and am so glad you listened to the Holy Spirit and returned once again. I have not had the opportunity to breathe life into the amazing job you have done to inspire so many women, especially me, and keep us going at the pace of this world. I love reading your organized thoughts since that is NOT one of the gifts God gave to me that comes easily. I have thought of you so often and it is great to be able to connect with you once again. Steve and I moved out to the country ( Lonoke) and I still teach 3rd graders in the Cabot school district. Matthew, my second son , just got engaged!! Woo!! woo, hold on world, life is moving quickly!! Love you

    1. Lissa, thanks for the encouraging words! I agree that life is moving quickly. Can you believe Harrison is 15 and Elizabeth is 12? I think of you often and am glad to hear all is going well with you.

  2. Love your new blog and focus! We’re on the same path this year!! I love it and it’s perfect timing! Can’t wait! Congrats on first 1/2 marathon and Disney marathon to come.

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