My Quiet Place

As a busy wife and mom, it’s hard to find a quiet place for meeting with God each day. I’ll have to admit that I’ve not always been disciplined about having a quiet time. But, the last few years have taught me that if I don’t spend time with God, I won’t be able to accomplish the things He has for me to do.

Since we moved into our current home a little over two years ago, I have been having my quiet time each morning after I drop the kids off at school. My favorite chair in our family room has been the location that I set up my devotion and Bible study materials.

I discovered, though, that while the family room was a good choice when I was home alone, it was not so conducive to quiet contemplation when the family was home on the weekends. And, if we had overnight guests, it certainly did not provide any privacy.

So, a few weeks ago I confiscated a chair and ottoman my mom had that she no longer wanted. It’s a special chair in that it belonged to my Great Aunt Edna.

I put the chair in my office and set up a small basket with my quiet time materials. I’ve only been in this location for a couple of weeks, but it has definitely grown on me and has made my quiet time more meaningful.

Here is a picture of what I keep in my basket.


To see more detail of what is in my basket, watch the video below. 


Question: Where do you spend time alone with God? 

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    1. Tammy, I mention two Bibles in the video I believe. The one that is leather with the light blue/lime green cover is the Life Application Study Bible in the NIV version published by Zondervan. The other with the flowers on the cover is the Everyday Matters Bible for Women in the NLT version published by Hendrickson Bibles. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. on your you tube you said you were going to do a vedio on your prayer journal, have you posted it yet?

    1. Debbie,
      Thanks for stopping by! I have not done a video on my prayer journal. I’m currently reorganizing how I keep my prayer journal. I’m planning on posting it later this summer. If you subscribe to my blog, you’ll get updates and will know when it’s posted.

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