Intentional Living-March Scripture Writing Plan

The phrase “intentional living” has been buzzing around for years. The Christian community has latched onto this phrase by using it to describe how we should manage our time.

But what does intentional living actually mean?

Dictionary.com defines intention as “an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.”

Intention could also be described as purpose.

So, when we say we’re living intentionally, we live our lives with purpose by carefully choosing our activities and priorities.

As Christians, this intention should be defined by what God has called us to do in our current season of life. Also, when you read through the Bible, you will see numerous ways we are to live intentionally no matter the season we’re in.

This month’s Scripture Writing Plan focuses on verses that teach us how to live intentionally in the context of being a Believer. You’ll read verses that give clear instruction on intentional living. And there are other verses that spell out the benefits or rewards of living intentionally.

I’m a big fan of not wasting time. I believe the Bible gives us clear instructions on making the best use of our time. I hope you will discover this for yourself as you write out verses from this month’s plan.

Visit the Scripture Writing Plan page to download the current month’s plan. You will also have the opportunity to access the Scripture Writing Plan Archives to download plans with other topics.

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