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If Only…

“If only I could get through this project, this event, this season of life, this (fill in the blank) then I can get myself organized and be more productive.”

Have you ever said something similar to yourself? I have… many times. I can remember as far back as high school wishing for certain events or responsibilities to be over so I could get myself organized.

I’ve wasted a lot of time thinking about things to come instead of living in the moment God has given me. Maybe you don’t struggle with this. But, I feel I have spent much of my life trying to “get by” so I could get to the fun parts of life.

Sometimes the responsibilities I dread are of my own choosing. I say “yes” before I think through the consequences and sacrifices I’ll have to make. Then when I have to step up and fulfill those responsibilities, I dread it knowing I’ll be taking time away from things I really want to do.

Some tasks and responsibilities are forced on me because of commitments I made earlier in life, such as the responsibilities that come along with being a wife and mother. I don’t usually dread what I have to do in those capacities. It’s only when I’ve said yes to other things that cause me to put these primary responsibilities on the back burner and make me stressed because I can’t accomplish what I need to accomplish.

To keep myself from being caught up in the “if only” mode, I’m going to be more purposeful and thoughtful when I am asked to do things outside of my roles as wife and mother. These are my two main responsibilities right now. I need to give them the most attention and not get distracted by other opportunities.

Praying and being in tune with what God wants me to do in my life will also help as I make decisions about taking on other responsibilities. I don’t want to miss any opportunities He has for me. I also don’t want to do something because it seems the right thing to do. I want to do the best things God has for me to do.

What about you? Share how you’ve learned to prioritize what you need to do in your life.

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