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Having a Quiet Time When You Don’t Have Time

Last week I wrote about my quiet place, the area I have set aside in my office to spend time alone with God each day. I thought it would be a good idea if I shared my tips for having a quiet time when it seems as if there is no time.

When my kids were younger it was definitely a challenge to spend time alone with God. I have to admit that unless I was participating in a Bible study at church, I didn’t spend much time with Him. I soon learned that there was one critical element missing from spending consistent time with God…


Yes, we are all busy. But, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Whether you agree or not, we have a choice in how we are spending those hours.

I discovered that I was spending way too much time watching TV, reading, or logging on to the Internet. This lack of discipline carried over to all areas of my life.

My house wasn’t clean, laundry wasn’t getting done, and meals were an afterthought. I had more time to spend with God than I thought. But as my kids have gotten older, my life has become busier. It is definitely a challenge some days to have a quiet time.

So, how do you fit in quiet time when you feel pressed for time?

  • Start small. Maybe you feel that you can only give up five minutes a day. That’s ok. Spend that time reading from a devotional. I would encourage you to pick one that requires you to read from your own Bible, though. It’s important that we get into the Word, not just read what someone else has to say about it.
  • Keep a Bible accessible. I’ve heard of moms who leave a Bible open on their kitchen cabinet or dinner table so they can read a little of it as they find a few spare minutes throughout the day.
  • Use a journal to record your prayers. Keeping a journal of your prayers helps you to go back and see how God has worked in your life. You can write these prayers whenever you may have a spare moment.
  • Utilize times of waiting. All of us have times during the day where we are waiting. The pick up line at school and the doctor or dentist office are great places to spend time reading our Bibles or journaling our prayers.

What does your quiet time look like?

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