Gracious Words-September Scripture Writing Plan

If there was ever a time we needed more civility and kind words in our world, it is now. The events over the past year and a half have divided Christians and the world. They have even caused division among Christians.

Just scroll through social media and you’ll get a glimpse of the division and hatred that has been stirred up. There are times when I’ve had to turn off my phone and put it aside just so I could reframe my thoughts with the Truth of Jesus Christ.

I’ve noticed a tendency in myself to want to respond to others in an arrogant and judgemental way. I’m pretty sure that’s not how I’m supposed to act as a Christian.

I think most of us had hoped and thought life would be back to normal by now. Sadly it is not. And every day a new event happens that has the potential to further divide us.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the mean and nasty things people are saying online that they wouldn’t say to someone’s face. And that’s just the fellow Christians I’m talking about.

I’m also tired of how I tend to respond in the flesh rather than with the love of Christ.

I’ve created this month’s Scripture Writing Plan to help us focus on gracious words. The Bible is full of examples of how we are to respond as Christians. And if you read the verses on the Scripture Writing Plan carefully, you’ll see all of them refer to building people up and not tearing others down.

Will you join me in a revival this month, dedicating our words to God and asking Him to show us how to respond graciously so that we bring Him glory and honor?

Visit the Scripture Writing Plan page to download the current month’s plan. You will also have the opportunity to access the Scripture Writing Plan Archives to download plans with other topics.




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