Going Deeper in Your Relationship With God

Do you need to recharge your faith/ Check out these resources to help you go deeper with God.

I want to go deeper with God each day, but it seems like life gets in the way all too often. As hard as I try, I feel like my time alone with Him is not always fruitful or productive. It’s as if I’m throwing out a few prayers for the things that are most pressing on my mind instead of taking time to get in His Word deeply and let Him speak to me.

When this happens, frustration sets in and it is hard to continue to trust in God and His goodness. In fact, I often feel like I’m walking through life alone and bear the responsibility of everything that goes on in my life.

We know from the beginning of creation that God created us for fellowship with Him. I don’t know about you, but I want to have more time alone with God that draws me into His presence where I can know He is there and speaking to me.

There are many ways to achieve this, however you need to find what works best for you.

Typically I spend time with God by going through a short devotional and time in prayer. In the last few weeks, though, I’ve been trying a couple of new things.

Check out these new resources. Maybe they will help you, too.

A More In-Depth Devotional

I love all kinds of devotional resources. However, I’ve discovered that many offer just a shallow look into God’s Word and do not lead me to consider how my life can be changed by what I’ve read.

Devotionals that give me a larger portion of scripture passages to read along with guided questions to apply to my own life help me out so much more.

One of my new favorite devotionals is Unblinded Faith by Elisa Pulliam. Lisa (the name she goes by) takes you through her own journey of faith where even though she has seen God at work in miraculous ways, she still has times where she doubts.

This 90 day devotional leads the reader to encounter God in a fresh way by reminding her of His characteristics, promises, and faithfulness to believers. They daily devotions are short but powerful. Lisa presents passages of scripture to look up and read as well as questions to help you apply what you’ve read to your life.

It’s definitely worth going through. You can get your own copy here.

Writing Out Scripture and Journaling About What You Learn

If you’ve followed my blog for very long, you’ll know that I offer free Scripture Writing Plans each month. While these themed plans have helped myself and many other women get into God’s Word, I felt like it was time to take them a step further.

So, I created the 30 Day Scripture Journals. These undated journals provide users with 30 days of themed scripture passages to write out. To take things a step further, I’ve included space to journal about the verses you write out and offer a space to list things for which you are grateful.

Using these journals to go deeper with what you read in the Bible will definitely help you go deeper with the Lord. The journaling pages are a convenient place to allow God to help you process what you’ve read in His Word. In time, you will be able to flip back through the pages to see how God has been leading you on a journey. You will see His faithfulness to you every step of the way.

If you are interested in getting your own copy of the journals, click here to go to The Planning Woman Shop.

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