Freedom in Christ-July Scripture Writing Plan

FREE Scripture Writing Plan-Join The Planning Woman as we write out verses about freedom in Christ.

Do you feel free? I don’t mean do you feel free to do whatever you want to do. Do you feel free in your spirit? Do you feel free from the guilt, condemnation, and burden of doing life on your own?

I must admit there are days I don’t feel free. There are times when I feel the burdens of living this life. Or I struggle with feeling good enough to do what I know God has called me to do.

Thankfully, God has provided a remedy for feeling burdened by life…Jesus.

Jesus died on the cross from our sins to set us free. Free from guilt, condemnation, and the burdens we carry throughout our life.

What better month to focus on the freedom Christ gives us than July. While we typically focus on the fact that America was founded because of desires of religious freedom, we can also celebrate the freedom we have in Christ.

Maybe you don’t feel free right now. Or perhaps you don’t understand what it means to live free in Christ.

I think many of us, though we may have experienced freedom before, have been bogged down by the cares of this world. We don’t remember what Jesus really did for us by dying on the cross.

The verses this month will help remind us of what freedoms we have in Christ. And, they will also help us to see what we’ve been saved from.

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