Equipped for Spiritual Warfare-March Scripture Writing Plan

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Spiritual Warfare?”

Often images of a battle, demons flying through the air, or God standing over us, protecting us with His mighty sword are what I think of. 

However, if I’m to be honest, when I think of being equipped for spiritual warfare, I assume something bad or negative is going to happen in my life soon. 

While all of the above may be true, God gives us instruction in His Word to always be prepared for spiritual warfare. Because to live the Christian life, we will always be in a battle. Some may seem minor, while others take over our whole lives. 

How will we ever be victorious, though if we don’t train for those battles?

This month’s Scripture Writing Plan focuses on verses that will help equip us for spiritual warfare. You will write about examples of people who fought spiritual battles and won. You will also see examples of people who faced the consequences of not being prepared.

I hope these verses will encourage you, especially during times of spiritual warfare. 

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  1. Why is there not a way since you are already sending me e-mails to have a link on the email so I don’t have to re-enter and get duplicated email from you

    1. Hi, Ora! Thanks for your question. There is actually a way to get the Scripture Writing Plans each month. When you first signed up to get one of the plans, you automatically got put on my newsletter list. Each week the link to the plans is included in that newsletter, so you should have access to it all the time. If you unsubscribed from my newsletter and didn’t save the link, then you would have to sign up again to get it. If you’ve already downloaded the January and February plans for this year, then you can use the same link to get to the March plan. Let me know if you think you’re a subscriber but are not receiving my weekly emails. Shoot me an email to jennifer@theplanningwoman.com and I’ll why you aren’t receiving the emails when you think you should be.

  2. I subscribed to you list but I did not receive the scripture plan for March 2021.
    Can you email me a copy?
    Thank you so much.

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