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Embracing a New Season of Life

embracing a new season of life

I can’t decide whether or not I like change. When I can see how change in a situation will be beneficial, I usually embrace it. But when it comes to changing something I’ve been doing for a long time, I’m usually a little more hesitant.

My kids are now in middle school and junior high. I would definitely say we are in a new season of life. Both have added responsibilities at school as well as new opportunities of which to take advantage.

This new season of life has brought some changes that are pushing me out of my comfort zone a little. For instance, we have been early church service attenders for 16+ years. It has become a habit and ritual to which I have become very accustomed. I know all the people who usually sit around us and have found comfort in the consistency and tradition this service provides.

Well, now that both of my kids are in the youth group, they want to go to the late service so they can sit with their friends. What? I have to change something I’ve been doing since long before they were born?

Yes! I have discovered that this is just one of many changes my family and I will have to make during this season of life. If going to late service enhances their worship experience and keeps them connected to friends who are Christians and good influences, then, yes, I’ll go for it.

Another example of change involves the one thing my son has been dedicated to and passionate about for the last 4 or 5 years…tennis. While he still enjoys playing and wants to keep taking lessons, he has burned out on competitive tournaments.

Part of me is glad in a way that he wants to step back for a while. But the other part of me is thinking if he doesn’t continue to compete, he may get behind in his skill level and damage his chance to play high school tennis next year.

But, guess what? God has provided peace for me in this area. My son is involved in marching band this year. Our school has 8th-12th graders in the band. Because of the time commitment involved with marching at Friday night football games, my son would not be able to participate in tennis tournaments anyway. Isn’t God good to work out things just when we need Him to?

So, I guess I’ll embrace this new season of life. I’ve dreaded this time because I didn’t want to deal with all the issues that come with having teenagers. But, you know what, so far my kids are doing well. Yes, we have the occasional teenage meltdown and deal with some issues. But I’m very thankful that they seem to be grounded and want to do what God wants them to do. I couldn’t ask for more!

How do you deal with a new season of life?



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