Avoiding the Pitfall of Pride

 Proverbs 1618

Ok, I confess…I have a pride issue. There, I said it. Sometimes I just want my own way or think my idea is the best way. Well, God has shown me many times that life is not all about me. He has directed my attention to show me that His way is the BEST way. When my pride takes over, I hinder God from giving me the opportunities and blessings He has planned for me.

I’m so thankful God has gently shown me how to have a humble attitude when my pride gets out of control. His Word says that pride leads to destruction. It’s only because of God’s mercy and grace that my pride has not destroyed me.

Unfortunately, all we have to do is turn on the tv or pick up the newspaper to see where many people have destroyed their lives because of pride. Unfaithful spouses, dishonest business people and ministry leaders who forsake God’s ways are popular topics of articles. Their choices to follow their pride led to the destruction of their lives.

So, what can we do to recognize when our pride is about to get the best of us? Let’s take a look at the word PRIDE to help us determine what pride looks like.

P-Puts our wants before others’ needs. Sometimes this shows up in attitudes such as “It’s my way or the highway.” Pride keeps us from meeting others’ needs.
R-Rejects godly wisdom from those who see pride is in control of our lives. Pride blinds us to the fact that we are on the path to destruction. The counsel of godly friends makes no sense because it does not fit into our plans.
I-Incorrectly applies Scripture to justify our decisions. I’ve seen many people take a verse out of context just to prove that what they are doing is ok with God. We must be careful to read God’s Word as a whole and not take out the bits and pieces that sound good to us.
D-Distances us from those who don’t share our opinion. Our pride keeps us from forming the relationships we need to hold us accountable in our faith walk. When someone challenges our authority or opinion, pride makes us distance ourselves from them. We surround ourselves with people who share our opinion. The problem with this is that eventually we will alienate all those who care about us if we continue to hold on to our pride. We won’t have anyone around us that will agree with our opinion.

E-Exposes our true motives. Pride shows what we truly believe. If we think we are always right, our pride will expose our feelings of superiority over others. Pride says “I’m in charge, not God.”

I challenge you to look over this list and see if you do any of these things. Pray and ask God to reveal when pride is taking over your life.

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  1. Hi Jennifer! I love your messages. You really get to the heart of things and I like that…keep up the good work!

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