A Gift of Forgiveness-October Scripture Writing Plan

Can you believe we only have 3 months left in 2021? I certainly can’t!

Even though this year has been filled with challenges that have affected all of us where we wondered if they would ever end, somehow it seems as if this year has flown by.

The last three months of this year also have the potential to have even more challenges. With some areas of the country seeing relief from the pandemic, the holidays may look more normal this year.

And by normal I mean gatherings with family members who may rub you the wrong way. Traveling to see people out of obligation rather than love because of a complicated relationship. Or perhaps you’re going to have to see that person you have a hard time forgiving for something they did or said to you years ago.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

As we’re heading into a season that has the potential to be complicated and challenging, I thought it would be appropriate to shift our focus to the topic of forgiveness. So this month’s Scripture Writing Plan is called A Gift of Forgiveness.

Let’s spend the month of October preparing our hearts for potential situations that may cause the need for forgiveness.

When you write these verses, you will see references to how God has forgiven us through His Son Jesus Christ. You will also see how we are to follow God’s example and extend forgiveness to others.

I pray that you will be challenged to think about someone you need to forgive and begin to work through that process. And it is a process. Forgiveness is not something that happens overnight. It takes lots of prayer so we can align our hearts and minds with what will bring glory to God.



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