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5 Tips for Opening Your Home for Ministry


Photo Credit:  Jennifer Booth

Having people in your home for ministry is a fun proposition for some people. For others, fun is the furthest thing from their mind. Hospitality, especially when it involves ministry, can be daunting. The benefits of opening our homes for a small group meeting, a neighborhood Bible study, or a meal to get to know our neighbors can have a huge impact on the Kingdom.

If you want to use your home for ministry but struggle with thinking it needs to be perfectly clean or you have to cook a gourmet meal, check out these tips.

  1.  Don’t obsess over your home. When people come into your home in the context of ministry, they are not inspecting every nook and cranny to see if it’s all clean. If you feel your entire home is just too messy, work on one area, such as your living room, where you will feel comfortable having people congregate.
  2. For meals, simple is better. No one is expecting a gourmet meal. Simple meals such as taco salad, chili, or soup are not only easy, they are heart warming and filling.
  3. Remember your guests come first. Your guests may be there for various reasons. But, one thing they all want from their visit is to feel welcome. Don’t be so concerned about your home, the meal, or other distractions that you fail to make your guests at home.
  4. Ministry is the goal. Whether you feel your home is not big enough or not decorated with the latest furniture and accessories, remember  your guests are there for ministry.
  5. Jesus is your most important guest. Before opening your home for ministry, invite Jesus to be present. Dedicating your home to ministry will give you a peace that will override any concerns you may have.

Question: How can you use your home for ministry?

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