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When a new year rolls around, many people like to make resolutions. They aspire to do things differently in the new year. Maybe this will be the year they finally lose the weight, control their finances or get that dream job. I’ve decided I’ve had enough of New Year’s Resolutions. This year I’ve determined that I will just focus on one word for the year.

My word for 2010 is PURGE. When I hear the word PURGE, I immediately think of getting rid of something. In my mind I picture de-cluttering a room and disposing all the things in that room that are no longer needed or wanted. This year as I consider the word PURGE, I think of several areas in my life that are in need of purging.

Weight. Yes, I said I would not make any resolutions, however purging my excess weight is high on my list of things to do this year. I have too many extra pounds that are causing me health problems. I am too young to feel this old. So, I am making small changes in my life to rid my body of excess weight and to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Stuff. My family is about to embark on a journey of building a new home. You know what that means…I need to start de-cluttering my current home so that it will be ready to go on the market in a few months. I certainly don’t want to move things that me or my family don’t want or need. So, I’ll be spending lots of time purging our home of our excess stuff.

Attitudes. I have lots of attitudes that God has told me to get rid of. Things like impatience, pride and a low opinion of myself. The only way God will be able to work through me this year is if I do my best to purge these attitudes from my life.

The only way to purge these things from my life is to acquire one thing…a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. It is through reading God’s Word that I can get to know His Son in a more intimate way and learn to rely on Him to give me the strength to do these things.

Pray that God will show you what to purge from your life.

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