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Simple Fall Porch Decor

Fall porch feature

If you can’t tell already by my previous posts, I love Fall! I realize we are just a few short weeks away from putting up all our Christmas decorations. Before we drag the Christmas tree out, I want to show you how I decorated my front porch for the Fall season.


First, I made this wreath using decorative mesh and a cute wooden sign I found at Wal Mart. I am usually not this crafty, but since I made the wreath with my kids’ school colors, I thought I’d give making one with mesh a try. I bought a book from Hobby Lobby that gave me this idea. You can find many ideas online such as this one that will give you step-by-step instructions. I thought it turned out pretty cute!


One of my favorite aspects of this décor is my selection of mums. I don’t know if these have a specific name or not, but I love how beautiful and full they turned out to be.


I can’t forget these pumpkins. They are Cinderella pumpkins I found at a local home and garden store. I love how they stack neatly on top of each other.


I had been looking for a bench since we moved into our house three years ago. I finally found one that fit just perfectly in this spot on our driveway. Since our porch is not large, I wanted a bench to extend the space and give us a place to sit outside.

Front porch decor

Here is a broad picture of the whole front porch area.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick tour! I’ll be sure to post pics when I change everything out for Christmas.

How do you decorate the front of your house for Fall?

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