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One Question to Ask Yourself to Gain Clarity About Your Priorities in the New Year

Having trouble figuring out your priorities? Ask yourself this one question to gain clarity.

I have spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks getting into goal setting mode for both my personal and business life. In fact, I went through an online goal setting retreat where I learned a ton about setting good, powerful goals.

One thing I took away from the retreat revolutionized how I looked at my goals and priorities for the new year. When I first started going through the goal setting process, I did what I normally do. I listed out all the things I thought I wanted to accomplish for the year.

I know, that doesn’t sound like I was doing anything wrong. It’s just that I was looking at my goals from the wrong perspective. There are many things I’d like to accomplish in 2018. However, those things may not be what God wants from me during this year of my life.

The retreat leaders asked us this question:

What do you think your “assignment” is for this particular time in your life? And as a follow up, what has God been nudging you about?

As soon as the question about assignment was asked, the word SUPPORT popped into my mind. And suddenly all the things I had been thinking about made sense. I strongly believe God is calling me to support those around me in 2018. My priorities and activities will revolve around support.

For instance, my husband is going through a transition with his business. It is my job as his wife to cheer him on and support him in this in anyway he needs me to. My son will graduate from high school this year, so I need to be a support to him as he transitions to college life and more independence.

My daughter is following right behind my son, so I need to support her as she begins her college search. And, my parents need my support as they deal with aging and health issues.

Finally, I hope to support more of you through my business with The Planning Woman and life coaching.

In my role of support I am not neglecting myself, though. My health and self-care goals are in place so I can be at optimal health so I can be a support to others.

Since I’ve clarified that my assignment is to support those in my life, I can now make better decisions on how I use my time in the new year. When I’m asked to do things that will take me away from this assignment, I will pray about it first and make sure it’s not something God wants me to pursue. Unless He let’s me know differently, I will decline to do those things.

Understanding where you are in your current season of life can be a huge help when it comes to determining what you need to do and how you need to spend your time.

I encourage you to find a few quiet moments alone and ask God to reveal His assignment for you in the new year. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t figure it out right away. Sometimes it’s a process. However, if you keep yourself open to God’s leading, He will reveal it to you in time.



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