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A Simple Way to Find the Motivation to Clean Your Home

Motivation to Clean Home

I don’t know about you, but I do not like to clean my house. Don’t get me wrong…I do love a clean house. I just don’t like to clean it.

Since I feel I can’t justify paying someone to clean my house, it’s up to me to get it done. Thankfully I have a great husband who will help out and kids who may not want to help, but will pitch in to get the house cleaned.

Because I don’t like cleaning, it’s hard to motivate myself to stay on top of things. I’ve tried to set various cleaning schedules, but I’ve never been able to stick with them for very long.

One way that has helped motivate me to clean my house is inviting people over. Because obviously if I have people coming over, I want my house to be clean.

Now, this is not saying I go all out with a fancy party or anything like that. It can be something as simple as having friends over to study the Bible, getting together for dessert and coffee, or just to hang out and chat.

And, I don’t necessarily clean my house to where it is spotless. I just make sure things are neat and tidy, the bathrooms are clean, furniture is somewhat dusted, and the floors have been recently vacuumed.

In fact, I often leave something undone because I never want to leave the impression that I’ve got it all together or that my house is always that clean. Like I told my husband one time when we had a rather large group of people coming over, “Someone will be blessed by my mess.”

This weekend is a good example of being motivated to clean. My daughter turns 14 next week. We had planned on having a sleepover with friends next weekend, but one of her friends was going to be out of town. So, we decided 2 days ago to have the sleepover this weekend.

Because we have been in the middle of renovating/re-decorating our upstairs, things have been in a bit of a mess still. So, that got my daughter and I motivated to finish a few things in her new room as well as work on her new sitting/study room. I also realized it had been a few weeks since I had vacuumed, so I had to do that.

I have to be honest, though, I’m not sure when I would have gotten around to cleaning the house thoroughly if we had not had her friends over this weekend. With school starting next week, we have a lot of things going on.

So, I think to keep me motivated to clean, I’m going to try to invite friends over at least once a month.

Maybe you struggle with cleaning your home, too. Again, don’t think you have to do something elaborate to have people over. If you’re planning on cooking a meal, check out this simple supper. Or, try my favorite sausage corn chowder or spicy potato soup.

Remember to focus on your guests and everything will turn out fine. Go ahead give it a try! Invite people over, find the motivation to clean, and then enjoy your company.

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