Lessons Learned While Cleaning Out My Closet

Last week I wrote about cleaning out my craft room closet. To read more about that project, click here.

Today I want to share some things I learned while cleaning out the closet. Wednesday I’ll focus on the process, and Friday I will share pictures of the newly organized space.

I have always wanted my own space to work on crafts and write. So, when we moved into our current home 2 ½ years ago, I was blessed to get my own room that I have turned into an office. It wasn’t until I started cleaning out my closet that I realized why I had set up the room as an office instead of a craft room.

Photo Credit:  Teresa Collins

Years ago when I began to scrapbook, I dreamed of having a space much like this one. And believe me when I say I had enough stuff that I could have filled it up. But over the years, as God has led me to write, the desire to have this space has dwindled. I spend much of my time now on the computer either writing or connecting with others.

I’ve created a small haven where it’s quiet and peaceful to allow creative thoughts to be processed and turned into blog posts, articles, and even crafts that bring honor to God.

I promised to share what I had learned through cleaning out my closet. 

Here is what I learned:

Less is more. I pulled out tons of supplies that I no longer need or want. The more I pulled out, the more disgusted I became with what I had been holding onto for so long. I got rid of so many things I did not need. And, I probably still have more than I’ll ever use. At least my daughter and I will have lots to choose from now that we can see everything.

Use what you have. The only purchase I have made for organizing this closet is two bags of clothespins to wrap my ribbons around so  I can store them in jars  I already had. Look around your home and see what baskets, boxes, or containers  you can repurpose for your organizing project.

Organizing is more fun with a buddy. My 10-year-old daughter helped me in this project. Of course, she has a vested interest since she wants to use a lot of my supplies. But having her help certainly made the process go by quickly and made it a lot of fun. We laughed when we uncovered pictures of her brother and her as babies. She laughed when she found pictures of me as a child. Helping me out has also given her skills to use as she tackles organizing her own things.

What have you learned through the organizing process?

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  1. Less is best…woohoo! Glad you’ve made good progress. I’ve done pretty well, but still have a way to go and lots to throw. Maybe when my daughter comes this summer, i’ll get out of the house and give her free reign (on second thought…nahhh)!

    1. Oh, come on Ann! You should at least let her help you out. I don’t know if I would have been able to get through this project on my own.

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