047: Time Management Foundations–Determining Your Priorities

Is life crazy and hectic and you just don't know where to focus your time? Listen to this week's episode of Live It Out With The Planning Woman to learn 4 steps for determining your priorities.

Knowing our priorities is foundational to good time management. After all, if we don’t know what’s most important to us and what should be a priority, we will end up spinning our wheels doing so many things. Those things may be good and beneficial, but they are not always the best things we could be spending our time on.

Think about it.

If you’re frustrated that you are seemingly unable to get everything done that you want to do or think you should do, then you are most likely not defining your priorities and letting them help you decide what you really should be doing.

In this week’s episode, I give you some examples from my own life where knowing my priorities has helped me manage my time and life better.

Episode 47 of Live It Out With The Planning Woman

I also share three benefits of determining your priorities:

  • We are better able to discern what to say yes to and what to say no to.
  • We have the ability to quickly decide if an opportunity is right for us.
  • We can set better goals when we know our priorities.

How to Determine Your Priorities

Life can be confusing and chaotic. Setting our priorities helps us to stay grounded. But how can we determine our priorities when it seems like everyone wants something from you?

I share four steps to help you determine your priorities.

Step 1:  Determine your current roles and responsibilities

Step 2: Decide if your current roles and responsibilities are still relevant to your life

Step 3: Think about other areas in your life that need your attention

Step 4: Set your priorities based on your current roles and responsibilities

Weekly Challenge

Go through the four steps I talk about in today’s episode and determine your priorities. Weed out the unnecessary roles and responsibilities you may have and focus on what’s most important in your life.


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