046: Back to Basics

Get back to the basics of time management with The Planning Woman.

Welcome to the second year of Live It Out With The Planning Woman Podcast! I can’t believe it has already been one year since I launched the podcast.

This year I am going to use the podcast episodes to focus on getting back to the basics of good time management. I’ve discovered that life is more than time management, though. It really is all about life management. 

So, it is my hope and plan for this second year to walk you through what it looks like to manage our lives in a way that is honoring and pleasing to God. I truly believe we can find peace in our daily lives even in the midst of chaos if we know that we are following God’s plan for our lives.

Some of you may wonder how this podcast can help you if you don’t consider yourself a believer. While everything I do comes from a place of faith, I will be sharing many tips and strategies that will help anyone out who desires to manage their life well even if faith is not a big part of their lives.

In this episode, I revisit the very first episode of the podcast by sharing why we need to learn to manage our time well. The four reasons I gave were:

  1. To honor and glorify God
  2. To help us live out our purpose
  3. To help us live out our priorities and not get distracted by the unimportant tasks of life
  4. To help us live in peace knowing we are doing what we need to be doing.

This year I want to go deeper into what it means to define our priorities. I also want to give you some practical guidance on how to define your priorities.

We will also talk about discovering our purpose in our current season of life. I love this quote by Karen Ehman, “If you are still alive, God has a purpose for you.”

We are only given one life to live so we need to make the most of it.

There are two new things I plan to introduce this year.

The first is interviews with other women during some of the episodes. There are so many women out there that have a lot of valuable experience and insight that we all can learn from in regards to life management. So my plan is to have one episode per month feature an interview with a woman who can help us move forward in our life management journeys.

The second new thing I plan to introduce is the addition of extra resources to help you take what is discussed in the podcast and apply it directly to your life. These will mostly be downloads of worksheets or how-to guides to help you manage your life well. There won’t be a downloadable resource every week, but I will include them when appropriate.

Weekly Challenge

In today’s episode, I leave you with a challenge. Follow these four steps to help you begin to lay the foundation to manage your life well.

  • Think about where you are in your life right now. Which season or stage of life are you in?
  • What challenges do you face in your current season of life? What opportunities do you have right now?
  • What are your current roles and responsibilities?
  • Now that you’ve processed all this information, decide if this is how you want your life to be or if you want to get to a different place. Define what that different place would look like.

I’ve created a printable for you to download so you’ll have a space to answer these questions. Fill out the form below to receive it in your inbox today!

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