3 Tasks You Can do to Save Your Sanity During an Uncertain Time

Are you struggling with the uncertainty of life in 2021? Learn how you can set new habits and routines that will help save your sanity.

Quarantines, taking care of loved ones, and remote learning has kept many people at home over the last few months. Perhaps you’ve been one of those people. Or, maybe you’ve been at home more than usual because your workplace is not open. You have had to work in a makeshift office space in your home instead.

Regardless of the reason, our homes have become everything to us. Wouldn’t you agree?

As a result of being at home more and dealing with this new normal, it has been easy to fall into new routines. Some routines have been necessary to navigate life. Other routines are by-products of our new normal and how we cope with it. 

Maybe you’ve started cooking more, doing home projects, taking up a new hobby, or binging TV shows. Or perhaps you’ve become more withdrawn because of the lack of social interaction or ability to adjust to this new normal.

Because there is still not a widely available vaccine and virus cases are continuing at high levels, a lot of us will continue to be in our homes for at least a few more months. And with the uncertainty of when life will get back to normal, we will most likely continue the routines we’ve already established.

If you find yourself struggling or you’re eager to prepare for the day when life will get back to normal, you’re not alone.

Since we don’t know for sure when life will get back to normal, I thought I’d share some tasks I’ve been doing to save my sanity during this uncertain time. Perhaps they will help you as well.

3 Tasks You Can do to Save Your Sanity During an Uncertain Time

Make your bed

I know it may sound strange, but doing repetitive tasks like making your bed, doing laundry, and cleaning the kitchen can bring a soothing rhythm to the day. Completing these tasks daily establishes habits that give a sense of control when everything else seems out of control. So starting your day with something as simple as making your bed, even if no one else will see it, can set you on a more positive track for the day.

Get dressed

I know, it’s more comfortable to stay in your pj’s or sweats especially when you may not have an occasion to see someone that day. However, I learned years ago when I became a stay at home mom that I always felt better about myself and my abilities when I was dressed in real clothes and had even a bit of makeup on. There is just something about wearing regular clothes that changed my attitude and mindset. I’m not saying you should wear clothes you used to wear to work, but upgrading to jeans from sweats can make a world of difference in how you feel. 

Word before world

Start your day on the right foot by getting into God’s Word before you pick up your phone and let the world invade your thoughts and take over your time. Getting God’s perspective on your life and the situations you are currently dealing with will go a long way to helping you handle those situations in a positive way. 

Do any of these resonate with you? I hope you are able to find something that will help you handle this uncertain time in a positive and productive way.

Based on what I read in the news and hear from health officials, I believe we’ll be able to start getting back to normal life in a few months. I can truly see a light at the end of the tunnel.

So hang on, stay strong, and get ready for that day!

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