2012 Word of the Year

For the last two years I have chosen a word that reflected my goals for the year. In 2010 I chose purge. 2011 was defined by discipline. As I’ve prayed and considered the things God would have me do in 2012, the word prepare keeps coming to mind.

If I want to continue to shape up physically by working out and eating healthier, then I must prepare myself every week by planning out my meals and workouts. If I want to save money while becoming more physically fit, I must prepare by making a shopping list and clipping coupons.

As I strive to grow spiritually, I must prepare myself for the challenges life will bring by having a consistent quiet time. If I want to go deeper with God, I must prepare by reading through the Bible, His Word.

I have many writing goals this year, but the only way they are going to get accomplished is if I prepare myself by writing every day and commit to reaching those goals.

It’s important to me to get a lot accomplished this year. I am known as a person who doesn’t always follow through on the goals I set. But, I feel confident that my goals can be reached if I only take the time to prepare.

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  1. I like this! Another blogger, who has been on a weight-loss/physical fitness journey, also chose a word to add clarity to his goals. Since I’ve read these two blogs on the same topic, perhaps I’ll come up with my own word:) I’m thinking of “journey”…as I work at preparing “Quiet Place Cottage” for occupancy, I’m already thinking its going to be an interesting “journey”, paved with spiritual lessons!

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