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Your Kids and Your Work {Balanced Challenge Day 3}

Involving Your Kids with Your Work

Welcome to Day 3 of the Balanced Challenge! Today I’m answering the questions “How can you get your kids involved in what you’re working on?” and “How can they experience what your job is like and contribute to it?”

I’ve actually thought about this before. When summer rolls around, I’m always looking for ways to keep my kids busy so they are not on the computer or iPad so much. I have thought about involving them with my work on the blog.

With my work, I am writing a lot. There is not much anyone can do to help me with that. However, a blog involves so much more than writing.

There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes on to create a blog post. Writing is just one part of the post. I have to create title images, select and edit photos, and set up schedules for posting and sharing the blog posts.

One way I thought I could involve my kids is through the creating and editing of photos. My son is 14 and very experienced with the computer. In fact, most kids these days are way more tech savvy than us adults. It’s no wonder when they have grown up with technology.

So, I’ve thought about enlisting him to help me with my photos. This could be a great opportunity for him to develop his computer skills further as well as give him a chance to make some extra money.

One of my goals with my blog this year is to create several new videos about different aspects of organizing. My 11 year old daughter loves watching You Tube videos and has learned a lot about what makes a good video and how to edit them.

I have been thinking about asking her to help me with the video process. She, too, could earn some extra money from helping me out.

Involving my kids will take time and patience. I’ll need to train them on what needs to be done. Then I’ll have to be patient as they are learning to produce the content I need for my blog.

I think that helping me out will teach them new skills, responsibility, and how to handle a work load. Hopefully it will instill confidence that they can do almost anything if they just try. Most likely I will not be involving them until the summer. When school starts back in the fall, we’ll have to reassess and see how helping me out could fit into their school schedules.

So, how can your kids help you with your work?

Maybe your work-from-home business requires you to mark materials with your business information. The kids could help stamp or put labels on your materials for you.

Or, perhaps you travel with your work. Could you take your kids along to different destinations to give them a glimpse of the world?

Think about all the aspects of your work, and see how you can involve your kids.

How are your kids helping with your work?

Get Balanced!
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  1. Jennifer, I love your ideas! I have a daughter who loves taking pictures and editing them. Not sure why I never thought of having her do the pictures for my blog (maybe because I like to do that part too?), but I’m going to give it a try. Giving our kids freedom to experiment and be creative may just light a fire in their lives too 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Ruth! I really want to grow my blog but do not have the funds to hire out some of the work. What better way to invest in the lives of our kids by having them help out?

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