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The Root of Procastination

The Root of Procrastination

Hello, my name is Jennifer, and I have a procrastination problem.

You, too? Oh, good. I thought I might be the only one!

All kidding aside, procrastination stands in the way of us achieving our goals. Too often we put off what needs to be done in favor of doing something we perceive to be more “fun” or enjoyable.

I’m currently reading a book called The 5 AM Miracle by Jeff Sanders. While I’d love to get up at 5:00 each morning, that may not be possible for a while for me. However, I’m learning a ton of things I can do to make my mornings more productive no matter what time I get up.

One of the things Jeff talks about in his book is procrastination. In fact, he clearly defines what the root of procrastination is.

He says:

In spite of my success, I routinely find myself going out my way to avoid hard work, postpone challenges, and eliminate anything that might make me feel uncomfortable. Comfort is addicting. It’s easy to achieve and it’s everywhere.

Did you catch that? Comfort is at the root of our procrastination problems.

When I read these statements, I immediately knew what was holding me back from pursuing my greatest goals. It’s comfort. I like to do things that I know I can do and feel comfortable doing.

Another thing I realized was that I don’t feel comfortable doing many things. In fact, I feel inadequate and incompetent in most everything I do. I know, I shouldn’t be so down on myself. But, that ‘s how I feel and have felt for most of my adult life. So, I tend to just do nothing at all.

I’d rather read a book, surf the net, or watch tv because I know those things don’t require much of me.

For me, it’s not only a comfort problem, it’s a confidence problem. Now, I’m not asking for comments telling me all the things I’m good at doing. 🙂 I know that I have talents and abilities given to me by God. This confidence problem is something I’m going to have to take up with Him.

So, what do we do with the fact that comfort is at the root of our procrastination problems?

I wish I had a simple answer for you, but I don’t. I know it’s not like me to not offer a multi-step solution.

I think right now it’s enough to recognize that we have a comfort problem. Especially when it comes to achieving our goals. I think we just need to understand that and see it for what it is.

The next time I am tempted to procrastinate doing something I’m going to ask myself if it is something outside of my comfort zone. If it is, I’m going to figure out how to work around being uncomfortable and do my best to move forward with the task.

Sorry I don’t have all the answers. However, maybe some of you do.

Comment below and share how you overcome procrastination and get outside of your comfort zone.

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