The Right Way to Get Organized

The right way to get organized

I have been on a quest to find the right way to get certain spaces in my home organized for many years. I’ve read countless books, perused organizing and decorating magazines, and have even had organizing professionals come into my home to help me out.

But, I never seem to find the right way to get organized. So, I’ve begun to ask myself, “Is there really one right way to organize a space?” The answer I’ve come up with is NO!

I think sometimes the process is more fun than the actual outcome, so I continue to pursue different ways to organize my home. However, now that I’ve successfully managed to organize a few spaces in my home, I see that the end result is much better than the process.

So, how do you find the right way to organize your space?

Here are a few ideas I’ve discovered during my own organization process:

  • Determine how YOU will utilize your space. Don’t focus on how it might be traditionally set up to use. For instance, you may have a formal dining room, but never use it. You may decide that your family would benefit from turning it into a study or even a playroom. Don’t be held back by the name of the room.
  • Pick organizational items that make sense for you and your space. Again, don’t be held back by traditional uses of items. I have used shoe drawer storage containers under a bathroom sink, decorative hooks to hang my ironing board, and bowls to hold my extra Keurig coffee pods.
  • Use what you have on hand. Take a look around your home and see what items you can repurpose for your organization project. When I cleaned out and organized my craft closet, I used baskets and containers I already had in my home. I think I only bought one organization item.

What is your process for organizing?



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  1. Jennifer. So true. I always tell people the key to organizing is not a system or the items. In fact purchasing items should be the last thing. The key is knowing yourself and how you use your rooms. I also encourage people to think like a Kindergarten teacher. Set up “stations”. In the kitchen make a baking center, a cooking center, message center etc… Love it. The process helps us grow, the outcome helps us live.

    1. Thanks for sharing Shana! It is important to not get hung up on the small details but to focus on organizing an area as a whole.

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