The Notebook of Opportunity

My name is Jennifer, and I still like paper planners. Ok, there, I’ve admitted it! In this age of increasing technology, I still like the old-fashioned paper planners. While I’ve latched on to using the calendar on my computer that syncs to my phone, I’ve never found an app or computer program that I’ve liked that will manage my to-do lists and projects. Believe me, I’ve tried many! There is something about seeing my handwriting and my check marks of completion that makes me happy. So, after going digital with my calendar about 3 years ago, I’ve finally found what I believe to be the perfect companion that will help me organize my projects and keep me on task.

That product is the Arc Customizable Notebook System found at Staples. Here is a picture of my notebook:

Now, I don’t normally set out to do product endorsements. There are many other notebook systems out there that may work for you just as well as this one does for me. I’m sharing all of this because I know from talking to some of you, there is an issue when it comes to handling projects and tasks. Many of you are like me in that you’ve not found a digital solution that has worked for you.

I’ve used this notebook system to handle my weekly to-do lists. I also have pages where I’ve written out research for writing assignments. At Christmas, I kept a list of the people I needed to buy gifts for and what gifts I wanted to buy them. That came in very handy when I wanted to make sure my kids were getting equal treatment! 🙂 Right now I am researching options for our family’s summer vacation. I’m keeping all the info I find in this notebook. As I’m striving to live a healthier lifestyle, I’ve created one section devoted to meals and meal planning.

Yes, I know I could do all of this fairly easily on my computer and/or iPad. But, as I mentioned earlier, I still like the feel of paper. I’m very thankful that I have found something that finally works for me.

What about you? Post a comment and let me know how you organized your projects and tasks.

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