Strength-June Scripture Writing Plan

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What image comes to your mind when you hear the word strength?

Do you think of a muscular bodybuilder? Or maybe a powerful rolling wave in the sea?

Maybe the word reminds you of your friend who has successfully fought cancer.

Whatever comes to your mind probably can’t compare to the strength of the Lord. He is more powerful, mighty, and awesome than we could ever comprehend.

Wouldn’t you agree?

In the midst of this coronavirus pandemic that is still raging on in our world, I think we can all agree that we could use a measure of strength in our own lives.

After all, we have been dealing with this pandemic for months now. And we have no idea when or if life will ever seem normal again. It’s enough to crush the spirit if we let it.

Once again, I chose all of the topics for the 2020 Scripture Writing Plans back at the end of 2019. And once again I believe it’s not a coincidence that I picked the topic of strength to focus on for June.

This month we will write out verses that will remind us of God’s strength. There will also be verses that teach us how to be strong and recognize how the Lord strengthens us.

I hope these verses will bring you comfort and peace in the days and months ahead.

Visit the Scripture Writing Plan page to download the current month’s plan. You will also have the opportunity to access the Scripture Writing Plan Archives to download plans with other topics.



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