Social Media Noise-5 Tips to Turn it Off

Social Media Noises

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Do you feel overwhelmed by social media? Is your phone or computer constantly buzzing or dinging with notifications? Are you so busy checking in with social media that you can’t get any work done?

I have to admit some days I could say “yes” to all of these questions. However, I’ve learned a few strategies to help me turn off the noise of social media.

1. Unsubscribe from anything you are not using or need.

Email newsletters, ads from your favorite stores, and other mailing lists can keep your inbox cluttered. (Read more about how I conquered my inbox here.)

If you don’t love it or use it, click the unsubscribe button and keep it from clogging up your inbox.

2. Turn off all social media notifications on your email.

Do you really need to know every time Aunt Sally posts on Facebook? Most likely you don’t. However, if you don’t turn off all notifications for your email, you’ll receive more than you can handle. That can lead to an overflowing inbox.

Go into all of your social media accounts and turn off notifications. You will be amazed how much your emails will decrease.

3. Turn off all social media notifications on your phone.

Just as with your email, your phone can be the cause of much distraction in your life. All those pop ups you get with social media notifications can drive you crazy.

Give it a try! Turn off the notifications on your phone. See how much more peaceful your life can be.

4. Turn off sounds on your phone and computer.

Does this sound familiar? Your phone or computer dings and you stop what you are doing to check to see what made the ding.

Once I realized that the dings were driving me to distraction, I figured out how to turn them off. Now I can work in peace without being distracted by all the dings.

5. Unplug on a regular basis.

Even though we may not receive dings or notifications when our social media accounts are updated, we can still get spend too much time on them. Scheduling time on a weekly or monthly basis to unplug will do wonders for our minds and our productivity.

What tips do you have to eliminate social media noise?

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