Simple Christmas Card Organization

Simple Christmas Card Org

One of my favorite things about December and the Christmas holiday is receiving Christmas cards in the mail all month long. I love opening the envelopes and reading the greetings from my family and friends. It’s always fun to how kids have grown from one year to the next.

When we receive Christmas cards, we display them on a card holder that hangs on our laundry room door in the kitchen. This way we can look at them all month long as they come in. As you can tell, we’ve not received that many as of yesterday. But they will come rolling in soon!

cards on door

For many years I always saved the cards by putting them into a bowl on a shelf in our family room. From time to time, I take these out and look at them recalling fond memories over the years.

This year I was inspired by a pin on Pinterest to make books of the cards by year and display them in a bowl on my coffee table.

The idea is really simple. Take your three-hole punch and line up your cards to punch just two holes evenly on the cards. Then just insert clasping metal rings to hold the cards together.

photo books


books in bowl


Santa photo books

Aren’t these great! Organizing your cards like this allows you to hang on to them year after year and make them a part of your Christmas decor. Who really wants to throw away those beautiful cards?

How do you organize your Christmas cards?

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