How to Set Up Your Planner for the New Year

Got a new planner and not sure how to set it up? Read how you can make the most of your planner this year.

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I am still amazed that with all the technological tools we have for managing our time, paper planners are very popular.

In the past I have used ring bound planners such as a Filofax to plan my time. This year, though, I decided to go a different route and purchased a spiral bound planner. I am using the 2018 iBloom Life & Business Planner.

It’s different for me in that it is spiral bound and it’s more of a notebook (8 ½” x 11”) size. I chose it for two reasons. One, the inserts I was using in my Filofax were not going to be available for purchase any longer. Two, I really wanted a little more room to write on my pages.

Honestly, I think I’d like something more like the size of the Erin Condren planner, but since the iBloom planner has the layout I’m used to and love, I think it will work fine for me this year.

I use my planner to plan my work. It is not something I consult when I’m making appointments. I record all of my appointments and time specific tasks on my iPhone calendar. I always have my phone with me, but I do not always have my planner with me.

Maybe you got a new planner for 2018 and are not sure how to set it up to make the best use of it. I decided I would create a video to walk you through my planner so you could get ideas for setting yours up.

Here are some takeaways from the video:

1. Make sure if you have a planner you look at it.

It does you no good to have a planner and write out your plans if you don’t look at it and follow through.

2. Figure out what tasks you want to do seasonally.

Assign those tasks to different months and write them in your planner. This way you won’t forget to do them.

3. Keep an ongoing list of tasks and projects you want to do so you can add them in when you begin monthly planning.

I have two lists, one for home tasks and one for computer tasks. Whenever I think of a task that is related to one of these lists, I write it down here. These lists contain tasks that don’t necessarily have to be done right away. I just need to get them written down so I don’t forget about them.

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