Resources to Help Your Kid Get Organized

There is a pile of papers on the kitchen counter. A backpack lies by the door spilling its contents. Shoes and clothes are strewn across the bedroom floor. Does this sound familiar in your house?

All too often our kids struggle with being organized. Many times we accuse them of being lazy or undisciplined when in reality all they need is a little guidance.

There are many causes of disorganization for our kids. They may have too much stuff. Maybe the space that they have to work with is not adequate. Or, there is an issue with being able to focus and stay on task.

Often, though, the main source of their disorganization is the lack of skill.

This past week my 10 year old daughter and I have been perusing organization books geared for kids. She desperately wants to be organized, but she lacks the skill and thought process to help her deal with her stuff.

We have found three books we think will help you and your kid to get their stuff organized.

Many years ago Julie Morgenstern wrote an excellent book on organization called Organizing From the Inside Out. Her book set forth workable principles that have helped me personally in my quest to become more organized.

About ten years ago, she and her daughter Jessi wrote a book for teens called Organizing From the Inside Out for Teens. Even though the book is geared for teens, it could certainly provide a benefit for older elementary kids.

This book shares tips and strategies for organizing their stuff, their schedules, and even their study habits. My daughter and I will certainly be applying what we learn from this book.

Another book that provides valuable and easy to follow tips is Clutter Control by American Girl. This book gives information on how to contain the clutter in their backpacks, lockers, and bedrooms.

My daughter likes this book because it also provides ideas for crafts to make to store your stuff. There are also stickers/labels in the back to help your girl get organized in style.

Get Organized Without Losing It is an excellent resource if your kid is having trouble managing their school papers, homework, backpacks, and lockers. There are valuable charts and checklists that teach your kids how to plan a long-term project and to work through it.

This book provides a sensible and doable way to keep their school papers organized. I wish we had read this book earlier in the year. I think it would have helped my daughter out tremendously.


What are some of your organizing tips for kids?

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