Organizing a Medium-Sized Purse


Organizing a Medium Sized Purse

This summer, I carried a large purse so that I could have my planner with me whenever I went somewhere. It wasn’t long though, until I realized I didn’t need to carry my planner everywhere. I only needed it on occasions where I was meeting with someone or when I had time to do things in it while waiting somewhere.

Carrying a large purse with the normal, everyday items such as my wallet and checkbook was heavy enough. Adding my planner to the bag weighed it down even more.

A few weeks ago, I went to Seattle on a mission trip. I knew that I would not be able to carry my large purse every place we were going to go. So, I found a cute cross body style purse that was much smaller and only held the essentials.

After I got back from that trip, I kept carrying the cross body purse because it just seemed easier to keep up with. I was able to wear it while shopping at the grocery store, and I didn’t have to worry about keeping an eye on it in the cart while I was shopping.

So, I decided I would find a smaller purse to use for a while. I found a stylish medium-sized purse by Ralph Lauren that will carry me into the Fall and Winter seasons. The style is called the Newberry Double Zipper Shopper. I love it because it’s big enough to carry what I need, AND it has a strap where I can wear it as a cross body when I want to.

medium sized purse

Last year I shared how I organized my large purse. Today, I want to show you how I organized my new medium-sized purse.

I kept the same basic concept of grouping items into like categories. I even used the same bags I had in my large purse.

purse organizers

Here are the categories I used to organize my purse:

Cosmetics/Medicine/First Aid-In my large purse, I had two separate bags. One held cosmetics, and the other held medicine/first aid items. With a small purse, I could not fit both bags comfortably. So, I weeded out what I didn’t need in my cosmetics bag and added the medicine/first aid items.

Mini-office-I still have this bag that holds my checkbook, pens, and a small notebook.

Store Reward Cards-This mesh pouch used to house my receipts. Now I use it to keep store reward cards and discount cards. I am now placing my receipts in one of the outside zipper pockets of my purse. I am finding it’s easier to open the zipper of the purse and drop the receipts in there than it was to pull out the pouch, unzip it, place the receipts in, and zip it back up. 

Coupon Holder-Read more about my coupon holder here.

Wallet-I also bought this slimmer wallet in hopes it would help cut down on the weight of my purse. After I pulled out the store reward cards, I found I had room for all my other credit cards as well as a place to keep unused gift cards.

Business Card Case-I still use the same one to hold my business cards.

Here is what my purse looks like with everything in it:

Inside of Purse

My wallet is by Hobo. I LOVE Hobo wallets. The one I purchased is called Nancy. Here is a picture of the inside:

inside of wallet

I really like the smaller size and the freedom this medium-sized purse gives me. Plus, it’s a lot easier to keep organized because there is only so much that will fit in it.

How do you organize your purse? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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