One of My Favorite Time Savers

I love to save time any way I can. Don’t you? Any time I can take care of multiple tasks at once, I take advantage of it.

One way I’ve learned to save time over the past year is by checking a store’s website to see if they have an item in stock that I’m looking for. I do this to avoid driving all over town while wasting gas to look for one particular item.

Many stores in my town also offer the service of holding the item for you to pick up later. I’ve done this many times at Barnes & Noble, the Container Store, Wal-Mart, Staples, and Office Depot.

Searching a store’s website has saved me tons of time, gas, and money. It has also helped me to compare prices to get the best deal I can.

The next time you are headed out the door to look for a particular item, try the store’s website first. I promise you won’t be let down!

What is your favorite time saver?

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