My Favorite Crockin’ Resource

My favorite crockin resource

Think fast! It’s 5 o’clock…do you know what you are cooking for dinner?

If you’re like me, there have been many times when late afternoon arrived, and I had no clue what I was going to feed my family for dinner. Don’t you just hate that?

I’ve learned that meal planning is a must if I want to be prepared for dinner each night. This helps so much because I can look at our family calendar and determine when I need to have something ready quickly or when I can take my time and be a little more creative.

A few months ago I wrote about how much I love using my slow cooker to help me save time by pre-cooking food for later use. Well, I also love using my slow cooker to prepare regular meals.

I want to share with you one slow cooker resource I’ve been using over the last few months. It has become my go-to source for tasty, wholesome meals.

Crockin girls

The Crockin’ Girls Slow Cookin’ Companion is the first cookbook written by Jenna Marwitz and Nicole Sparks. You may have seen some of their recipes pop up on Facebook.

At $32.95, I thought it was a bit pricey for a cookbook. However, it is a nice hardcover book. There are lots of full-color pictures of each recipe. One of my favorite aspects of the book is the recipes generally take just a few ingredients to pull off. Simple and easy…that’s my kind of recipe!

Some of my favorite recipes include:

  • Crockin’ Enchilada Casserole
  • Barbecue Chicken Sliders
  • Jaci’s Caribbean Chicken
  • Peanut Clusters

With more than 150 recipes in the book, there are still many more that I want to try out. I will definitely be using this book for many years to come.

What is your favorite crockin’ resource?


Disclaimer:  The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are entirely mine. I bought this book with my own money. I have not been solicited to give a review. I just wanted to share this resource with my readers! 🙂

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