My 2014 Home Organization Projects

2014 home organization projects

Every year I have great intentions of getting our home totally organized. While I do manage to accomplish some things, there is still a lot left undone because I’ve not made the proper plans.

We moved into our current home just a little over three years ago. A few of the areas in our home are organized and functioning well for our family. There are still a lot of areas that need to be organized so that they will be functional for us.

I’ve always written out projects that I wanted to complete each year. I have even listed all the steps necessary to get those projects completed successfully. However, I’ve not been intentional about scheduling when I was going to work on those projects.

So, this year I’ve decided to assign the different organization projects to a month. Then I’ll set time aside on my calendar each week to work on them. When I have a little extra time (yeah, right!) I can always do more.

I have set a goal to work on one large organization project each month. These projects are the ones that will take several hours or days to complete. These will also most likely require additional supplies that we may not have on hand.

Also, I’m going to assign a small organization project to each month. These are projects that can be done in just a few hours or a couple of days. De-cluttering, cleaning out, and reorganization are the major steps in these projects. They will most likely be completed with supplies we already have on hand.

So far I’ve only assigned projects to January through May. That’s because I want to evaluate what I’ve already done and see if there is anything left to finish on the projects already assigned. Then over the summer I can finish up any pending projects and begin to work on new ones if necessary.

Here is my list so far:


Major project—organize my daughter’s closet and bedroom

Minor project—clean out and re-organize my bathroom sink area



Major project—organize my son’s closet and bedroom

Minor project—clean out and re-organize the guest room closet



Major project—organize the playroom closet

Minor project—organize the desk area in our office



Major project—organize my daughter’s bathroom

Minor project—clean out and re-organize the laundry room cabinets



Major project—organize my son’s bathroom

Minor project—clean out candle and decorative item closet in powder bath


I’ve already begun working on my daughter’s closet and room. Her closet has never really worked well because we’ve not taken the time to make it functional. She does not need a lot of hanging space right now. She needs storage space more than anything.

Here is a picture of what her closet looks like now. We did take a lot out of it so we can install Elfa shelving along the back wall. (Elfa is 30%off this month!) As you can see, the rods are oddly spaced. The top one is too high and the bottom one is too low.

EB closet before

I posted a picture of my Target bags on Facebook Wednesday and invited everyone to guess what I had bought. These cute and super functional bins were in those bags.(The link is to a different pattern. I assume that the pattern I purchased can only be bought in the store.) We are going to use them on the built-in shelves in her closet.

EB closet bins

My husband and I are planning to get the shelving this weekend and installing it. In the mean time, due to an unexpected snow day, my daughter has been working on sorting through her room and determining what she will place in the boxes on her shelves.That really is the hardest part. But, I’m helping her as much as I can so we can get it done.

To help hold myself accountable, I will write blog posts each month to show what I’ve done. Hopefully my organization projects will inspire you to get some things organized around your own house.

What are your home organization goals for 2014?

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