How to Store and Organize Your Kitchen Gadgets

kitchen drawer after

When we first moved into our house three years ago, I took my time deciding how I would store all of my kitchen items. I quickly found the optimal places for our pots and pans, bake ware, dishes, and all those plastic cups we seem to hoard.

Finding a good spot for all the gadgets and tools I use in cooking was more difficult. In our previous house, I had one drawer that held most of my spoons, spatulas, and other gadgets near my cooktop. Our current house only has one smaller drawer under my cooktop. I knew I could not get everything in that one drawer.

So, I chose to put the spoons and spatulas in the smaller drawer. Then I housed all of the other gadgets and tools in a larger drawer that is in the cabinet right behind the cooktop. The drawer is still easily accessible while I’m cooking.

Soon I began to notice that my gadgets and tools were becoming a jumbled mess. I spent countless minutes searching for what I needed. It became apparent that this setup was not working.

kitchen drawer before1

I remembered a shopping trip I took to the Container Store one day with my mom.  On that particular day, she bought drawer dividers to make a large drawer in her kitchen more functional. She had the same problem with her kitchen gadgets that I had.

I decided I needed to purchase my own set of dividers. Here is what they look like:

dream drawer organizer

Click here to find out more about them.

After installing the dividers, I sorted through all of my gadgets and tools, getting rid of the ones I didn’t need or use any longer. Then I separated them in three sections, trying to organize them by their use.

Here is what my drawer looks like now:

kitchen drawer after1

Ta da! Much better! Everything doesn’t always get back in the correct section since everyone in the family puts clean dishes away. But at least I can easily search through each section to find the gadget I need.

How do you store and organize your kitchen gadgets?

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  1. I have two good-sized drawers that I use for hand-held kitchen tools. One that is close to the stove holds items I use regularly; the other holds rarely-used but sometimes-needful items. Since I’m a pretty basic cook, this works for me!

    1. It’s amazing how many tools we can accumulate, isn’t it? Sometimes I think having limited storage is best because you have to decide what you truly need.

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