How to Stick with Your Habits

Earlier this week I shared about one lie all women need to stop believing…

“I’ve got to do it all!”

While it’s true that we don’t have to do it all, there are many tasks we do need to do. Often, though, it’s difficult to find the time to get them all done.

Then there are the things we want to do. If we are having a difficulty doing the things we need to do, we most likely will not find or make the time to do the things we want to do.

This is where habits come in. Developing habits that will move us toward our goals will not only allow us to do the things we need to do, it will open up opportunities to do the things we want to do.

For example, I’ve had several women express interest in participating in the Scripture Writing Plans I’ve developed this year. However, they’ve only made it just a few days or weeks before they gave it up because they couldn’t seem to find the time to do it each day.

My suggestion is to turn it into a habit that becomes a part of a routine. 

I do the Scripture Writing Plan and write in my gratitude journal every night before I go to bed. It has become an automatic part of my evening routine. In fact, after just one month of doing this, I know I would miss it if I didn’t do it.

The same is true with the habit of exercise. Incorporating exercise into a morning or evening routine makes it more likely that you will stick with it.

This is what that would look like for a morning routine:

  • Get up
  • Have a small bite to eat (if needed)
  • Exercise
  • Eat breakfast
  • Take a shower
  • Get ready for the day

For me, I would also include having quiet time with God.

To make this routine work, you’ll need to figure out how long each of the tasks will take. Then set your wake up time accordingly. This routine would take me about two hours. So if I needed to leave the house by 8:00 I would have to get up at 6:00.

I know it’s easier said than done when it comes to developing habits and sticking with a routine. Two resources I’ve used over the last year that have helped me tremendously are Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Mornings and Make Over Your Evenings courses.

Her 14-day Make Over Your Mornings course walks you, step-by-step, through a process that creates a routine that will:

  • Prioritize nourishing your soul before launching your day
  • Streamline your mornings (and your whole day)
  • Create a to-do list that serves (not strangles)
  • Establish accountability
  • Set short- and long-term goals, and SO MUCH MORE!

Her Make Over Your Evenings course is a simple, effective 14-day course designed to help you stop sleep-walking through life and start making the most of your days…and your nights!

In just 15 minutes a day over two weeks you’ll learn how to:

  • Establish a Realistic Evening Routine that works — and that sets you up for amazing success!
  • Design a Prioritized To Do List for each day — one that you’re actually excited to wake up and tackle!
  • Create a Best Stuff List of the most important activities and commitments you should be invested your time, life, and energy into right now.
  • Eliminate calendar conflicts once and for all — and how to do so without guilt or frustration.
  • Nourish your body, nurture your soul, and no longer put your health on the back burner — even in the middle of a busy and full life.
  • Assemble a wardrobe of simple outfits you love and that make you feel great — so you can finally, as Dear Abby Leigh says, “Dress for the day you want to have, instead of the one that’s trying to have you”!
  • Develop a contagious, positive attitude — so you can experience and express more joy in your everyday life.
  • And more…

Both of these courses are very affordable at just $17 each. I encourage you to give one or both a try. These courses will help you develop routines and habits that will move you forward on your goals and help you do the things you need to do and want to do.

Note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you click on them and place an order, I’ll receive a small commission — at no additional expense to you.

Leave a comment below and share what habits you are working on.

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