Giving Back

Not only do we here at strive to empower women through helping them discover real purpose, develop real plans, and delight in real peace, we also want to use the resources God has blessed us with to bless others.

One way we do that is by partnering with organizations that also seek to empower others. One of our favorite organizations that we are partnering with is WorldCrafts.

No words could tell you better about the mission of WorldCrafts than those from their own website:

WorldCrafts develops sustainable, fair-trade businesses among impoverished people around the world. Our vision is to offer an income with dignity and the hope of everlasting life to every person on earth.

Established in 1996, WorldCrafts began with just one artisan group, Thai Country Trim, in Bangkla, Thailand. Today we work with numerous artisan groups to import and sell hundreds of fine, handcrafted items from many countries around the globe. And we still work with Thai Country Trim, helping them employ more and more women at risk of abuse and exploitation. That’s who we are. Committed. Holistic. Fair Trade.

We are committed to the in-country partners and artisan groups with whom we work. Our aim is to develop viable employment for women and men in poverty. Why? So women no longer need to turn to prostitution for their next meal. So fathers and mothers can provide education and nutrition to their children.

We are holistic. Our artisan groups seek to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of their workers. Men and women receive job training and enjoy comfort, camaraderie, friendship, and purpose, perhaps for the first time. Women find a safe haven and receive counseling as they leave the sex industry. Individuals and families discover the abundant life and see that life lived out in front of them.

We are fair trade.  WorldCrafts abides by and requires all partnering artisan groups to abide by Fair Trade Federation guidelines. Fair-trade buyers, such as WorldCrafts, ensure that artisans receive fair wages and the goods purchase were produced in an ethical and environmentally-friendly manner.

WorldCrafts is a division of WMU.

Ways we support WorldCrafts include purchasing their products and sending regular donations. In the future, we hope to partner with them more closely by either visiting with or sponsoring an artisan group.

Every time you book a coaching session or purchase any product we may offer, you will be helping to change the life of someone who is in poverty, in an abusive situation, or at risk of being trafficked.