Furnishing Your Home With Re-Furbished Decor

Furnishing Your Home With Re-Furbished Decor.jpg

Ever since I have had my own place to decorate and furnish, I have used pieces of furniture that either have been re-furbished or handed down to me. I love the sense of history old pieces of furniture can add to a home’s décor. Also, using hand-me-down or re-furbished furniture can save you a ton of money if you are decorating on a budget.

As my husband and I have been working on furnishing our current home, we have used several pieces of furniture that have been handed down to us or that we have re-furbished. I thought it would be fun to show you those pieces and hopefully inspire you to look around and see what you can use to decorate your own home.

Let’s begin our tour in my office. I have three pieces of furniture that have a family history.

The first is the desk that I use for writing.

office desk.jpg

This was originally a small conference table used in a railroad office building. My dad bought it when the railroad he worked for bought out another railroad in 1991. This table was used many years in my dad’s home office. A few years ago, I asked if I could use it for a desk.

I think it looks great in my office, however I would like to clean it up with a wood conditioner just to bring out the natural tones.

I have mentioned this chair before when I’ve talked about how I study my Bible.


This chair was my great aunt Edna’s. My mom received it when my aunt passed away. Mom had it recovered in this fabric. A few years ago when I was looking for a chair for my office, my mom offered this one to me. Its petite size is perfect for my small office.

This chair was my grandfather’s. We have had it in our home for over 14 years. We had it recovered to go in the family room in our previous home. When we moved into our current home, I snagged it to go in my office.

office chair.jpg

Now, let’s move on to the guest room. Last summer I painted this dresser to go in the guest room. You can read about how I did that here.

dresser after.jpg

I was hesitant to paint this dresser. It had such a beautiful, dark cherry finish (see pic below) that I thought painting it would be a crime. However, I needed a substantial piece to go in that room. And, since we had bought new furniture for our master bedroom, I no longer needed it in there.

dresser before.jpg

I like how it turned out. The mirror above the dresser was also re-furbished. It hung over this dresser when it was in our master bedroom. Steven spray painted it silver for me to go with all the silver and chrome accessories I used in the guest room. I think it looks fabulous!

Finally, let’s take a look at our study area. This table was also my great aunt Edna’s.

table after.jpg

My mom received it, too, when my aunt passed away. My aunt used it in her kitchen for a small breakfast table for her and my uncle Jim. Here is what it looked like before Steven painted it.

orange table.jpg

Yep! Gotta love that 60’s orange. Although orange is back in style, I really wanted to paint it red to go with the Razorback theme (Woo Pig Sooie!) I am using in this room and the attached game room. I have plans to paint a Razorback on it. Hopefully I’ll get that done soon and can show you the process.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini tour of our re-furbished furniture and have been inspired by what we’ve done.

Comment below and share about what pieces of re-furbished or hand-me-down furniture you’ve used in your home.

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  1. Really nice description of what one can do with what they have. I had forgotten about Grandpa’s chair. Somewhere there is a picture of him sitting in it holding you in his arms. Love, Dad

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