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Fun Ideas for Spring Break


Can you believe Spring Break is just around the corner? For some of you, Spring Break may be occurring this week. Others will be out in the coming weeks.

This year our family has opted not to go anywhere for the week. We are saving up for a family vacation this summer. So, that leaves me with a full week to plan for the kids and me since my husband will be working.

In the past we would eat out almost every day at lunch, the kids would spend hours playing video games, and we would generally not be very productive. This year I want something different. I want to plan activities that are purposeful yet fun and inexpensive.

Here is what I’ve come up with:

Taking a break from technology. It is so easy to let the kids just have free reign over the TV, computer, or video game system. But, it’s not so great for their minds and bodies. So, we will either have one day of no technology, or we will limit the technology to certain hours of the day.

Being a tourist in our hometown. There are many places that we’ve never visited in our hometown. And several other places that we don’t go to regularly. I’d love for us to take a day and visit a museum, the zoo, or the farmer’s market. In our town, visiting these places will be low cost options.

Having the kids cook lunch. My kids are old enough to help out in the kitchen. Instead of eating out every day at lunch, I want the kids to help prepare creative lunches that they would enjoy eating. This would be a great time to teach them responsibility in the kitchen.

Inviting friends over. The school year is so busy that my kids don’t often have the opportunity to have their friends over. We will make an effort to invite a friend or two over that may be staying in town as well. This will give them a chance to develop their relationships with their friends and avoid boredom without spending any money.

Taking in a matinee. In our town, some movie theaters offer a huge discount if you see a movie that begins before noon. This is a great way to see first run movies at a lower cost. Some theaters even offer discounts on popcorn and drinks during these times.

What is your family doing for Spring Break?


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  1. Great thots! We plan to do some travel after a writing assignment to cover a cowboy revival. Never experienced such, so I’m looking forward to that.

    1. That sounds like fun, Ann! We have several cowboy churches in Arkansas, but I’ve never been to any of their services. Definitely meeting a need, though.

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