Fun Date Night Ideas

Can you remember the last time you and your husband went on a date? Don’t laugh! I’m sure you can remember what dates are like. Can’t you?

I’ll have to admit that dates with my husband are few and far between. Usually the only time we get to go out without the kids is when we have a special event to attend. We don’t always think about planning time to be together.

Life gets busy and it’s so easy to put our relationship with our husband on the back burner. Sometimes finances are stretched and we decide to use our resources on our family as a whole.

But, you know what? We need to keep our relationship with our husband strong. Research has shown that kids who have parents who are committed to their relationship thrive better in life than kids whose parents are not as close.

I know, I know…you are saying you find it difficult to squeeze in time with your hubby. Dates don’t have to be limited to nights, you know. Think outside the box and find times that are more convenient for you.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1.  Be a tourist in your own town. Check out local tourist attractions.
  2.  Rent a movie that you can watch after the kids go to bed.
  3.  Miniature golf and bowling are fun, relaxing activities that will give you time to talk.
  4.  Fill up a picnic basket with your favorite foods and head to a park to feast together.
  5.  Volunteer for a worthy cause together. Serving together always brings people closer.
  6.  Go out for a romantic breakfast instead of dinner.
  7.  Watch the sun rise or set from a beautiful location.
  8.  Try out a restaurant that you’ve never been to before.
  9.  Exercise together. Go on a walk, hike, or bike ride.
  10.  Go to a museum together. Use this time to hold hands and find out more about each other.


Question: What is your favorite date night idea?

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