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A Fresh Start in the Middle of the Year

A Fresh Start

I always look forward to the beginning of a new year. It’s a great time to start over and make plans to do the things I’ve always wanted to do.

However, sometimes I can’t wait to start over. Usually a few months into the year I find myself reassessing my goals and evaluating new opportunities that have presented themselves.

So I’m going to take today, July 1, as an opportunity for a fresh start.

After all, it’s the beginning of the second half of the year. Or as one person on Instagram posted today…it’s chapter 7 page 1 of this year.

It’s a great time for a fresh start.

These are a few things I’m going to do to take advantage of this fresh start. Maybe they will inspire you to make a fresh start and finish strong with your goals this year.

1. Do a brain dump.

Often by this time of the year, my mind is overflowing with ideas and thoughts from new things I’ve learned or things I want to try both in my home and business. So, it’s a good idea to get those thoughts out of my head and on to paper.

I’ll spend some time this weekend doing a brain dump, writing out everything that I can think of. A brain dump allows me to get things off my mind without worrying about the process it’ll take to complete those tasks.

For more information on how to do a brain dump check out this post.

2. Evaluate my goals.

This is a great time to check in where I stand with completing my goals for this year. I’m sure once I review them I will discover that some are no longer important to me. Others, however, may still be important but have not been worked on much at all. And still others may need to wait until next year to pursue.

Evaluating my goals will energize and motivate me to move forward with them. I can list out what is left to be done as well as decide which tasks may no longer be relevant to achieving my goals.

3. Make a plan.

Once I’ve dumped everything out of my brain and evaluated my goals, I’ll have a better understanding of what I’d like to accomplish the rest of the year.

Then I can take the information I’ve gathered and make a clear plan to help me move forward. I can see what I want to accomplish and start assigning tasks to upcoming weeks and months so I can accomplish my goals.

Will you join me in this fresh start?

Leave a comment below and share how you can make a fresh start in the middle of the year.

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