What is The Planning Woman all about?

The Planning Woman is a site birthed from a calling Jennifer felt on her life almost 15 years ago. And that is to help women.

The Planning Woman was created to house Jennifer’s life coaching and time management consulting business as well as provide a place for her to teach women how to discover their purpose, learn how to live out that purpose through effective time management, and give spiritual encouragement along the way.

The mission of The Planning Woman is to help women discover real purpose, develop real plans and delight in real peace.

I’m new to this site. Where should I start?

Because we believe the foundation of how we manage our time well is knowing our purpose during our current season of life, it’s ideal to start with information about how to find your life purpose. You can read how to discover your life purpose and learn the benefits of working with a life coach.

After you have learned about purpose, then you can move on to time management articles such as 6 habits that can change your life, becoming more productive by creating routines, and how to reach your goals two minutes at a time.

If you are interested in spiritual encouragement then you will most definitely want to check out the Scripture Writing Plans, getting out of your comfort zone, and finding peace in difficult times.

Is Jennifer available to speak to our group?

Yes, head over to her speaking page to find out more information.

Where can I find you on social media?

Connect with Jennifer (@Jennifer_Booth) on Instagram and Twitter. You can also find her on Facebook and Pinterest.