Family Command Center

Family Command Center

Last Friday my friends Michelle, Sarah, and I spent time together shopping at Holiday House, an event sponsored by a local women’s non-profit organization. We have been to this event several times over the last few years. I look forward to this day every year. Not only do I enjoy finding gifts for Christmas, I love being able to spend time with friends and catch up with what’s going on in their lives.

Last year it was just Sarah and I that got to go. We always have one or two things for which we are specifically looking. My item that year was a message board to use for a command center in my kitchen. We had seen some in previous years, so I was hopeful I could find one that day.

I was in luck! I found exactly what I was looking for. The board is made out of reclaimed wood and metal. The metal allows me to use magnets or use a dry erase marker to write on it. It even has old drawer knobs where I can hang my keys.

message board

The vendor allowed me to pay for and held it for me while we continued our shopping. When Sarah and I were ready to go, we went back to get it. Now for the fun part…getting it to my vehicle. 🙂

That year we had to park several blocks away because there were other events going on near Holiday House at the same time. So Sarah helped me carry it many blocks to get it to my van. I know we were a sight because we were trying to balance this board while carry our other purchases! We finally made it to my van and I was able to get it home.

However, I failed to take measurements of the space where I was going to hang it. When I got it home I realized that it was too wide for the space. So, Steven helped me out by removing the cross and putting it back on so we could hang the board vertically.

I wanted to have a family command center near our back door, and this was the perfect spot. As you can see by the picture below, the door to our garage opens directly into the kitchen. I now can grab my keys right before I head out the door.

back door

I use this board in conjunction with the wall pockets in our laundry room. This board is mainly for my kids. I have posted a calendar for the month so they can see what’s going on that affects them. I have also posted my weekly meal plan and the lunch menu for school. If they ever have a question about what is going on at home, school, or church, all they have to do is look at the board.

calendar page


meal plan page

The calendar page and weekly meal plan page (mine are from an older version) are from a local designer named Cary Collins. I also got these from Holiday House. She makes wonderful calendars, note cards, journals and more that feature Bible verses. I hope you’ll check her out!

How do you keep your family up to date with what’s going on? 


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